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​系。红  Vessel


Performative Installation


How one contributes to the tapestry of another's life, and conversely, how external influences shape an individual's character development, presents an intricate, cyclic query. It propels us into a philosophical spiral, contemplating whether the human form is a mere vessel, gaining self-awareness through interpersonal connections. It suggests that an individual may lack intrinsic emotions or a defined sense of self, instead navigating existence through the prism of time, garnering a nebulous value of being.

This existential state seems subject to external forces—actions of others or pivotal events altering perceptions of humanity. Paradoxically, societal expectations entwine individuals, making escape elusive. As contributors to a co-created social structure, governance molds our interactions, binding us to a loop governed by rules and laws. In this interdependent web, our connections with fellow beings become inseparable strands, raising the perennial question: Are we architects of our identity, or are we an amalgamation of those who surround us? This contemplation underscores the complexity of human existence and the perpetual interplay between self and society.

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